Steve Moskowitz, Tax Attorney

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I came to Steve because I needed help with a business plan and general career advice.

I came to Steve because I needed help with a business plan and general career advice. I picked Steve because he is a trusted leader in international taxation planning and representation. He works with high level officials for governments throughout the world. He is at the top of this industry in this regard and his knowledge and connections are invaluable.

Steve provided me with a clear, straightforward, insightful plan of how to both structure and to grow my business while staying out of legal trouble.

He counseled me based on decades of personal and industry experience, taking the time to tell stories that I will remember and have already passed on to others in my industry.

Finally, yes, I did ask Steve about the negative Yelp reviews. I actually walked into his office holding my ipad with the Yelp reviews on it. Steve explained each one to me. It turns out there is two sides to every story...Steve actually really helped a lot of people, but sometimes they misunderstood the process or were just venting on Yelp because taxes are stressful and good tax attorneys do cost money.

Personally, I have followed Steve's work and I can tell he is a very intelligent, honest, and extremely business-minded individual. He is good at what he does and he has worked very hard to get there, clearly.

Bottom line is make sure you are clear with your expectations of Steve and his firm. This is your responsibility as attorneys are business partners, not parents.

Also, yes, he is high priced because you get what you pay for. If you need high end legal representation or career/business planning it is priceless. If not, reconsider how your needs can and should be met.


I recently received a letter from the IRS

“I recently received a letter from the IRS and immediately contacted Steve for his counsel. My case was handled swiftly and professionally from start to finish. I not only received great service from Steve and his staff, but they also saved me thousands of dollars in payments to the IRS and hours of stress. I would not hesitate to use his services again.”

I have been a client of Mr. Steve Moskowitz since June 2011 for some unfiled taxes

I have been a client of Mr. Steve Moskowitz since June 2011 for some unfiled taxes and for payment negotiations with IRS and two states. I chose his firm over two other tax law firms because I found Steve to be professional, intelligent and a real straight shooter. I saw the awful Yelp reviews prior to my initial appointment, and am SO glad that I chose to meet with him to make my own assessment. Steve gets right down to business, and will be honest and have a direct answer. He has been available to answer any questions that have come up in the months that I have been his client, and may have even spared me future financial disaster. He CARES about his clients, that's for certain!

The firm charges a flat fee per service that is tax-deductible! The services I have received have been proven to be worth every penny I have paid. In just one state alone, my taxes were substantially estimated higher by that state. After Mr. Moskowitz and his staff finished, they are at a fraction of what they were. His staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and completed the work in a timely fashion. Steve, Lacy,Mark and Chris were all wonderful to work with, and made a truly frightening situation seem much less so!

Mr. Moskowitz is a true expert in his field, not just for those of us who have had tax problems, but also with tax strategy and estate planning. I recommend the law firm of Mr. Stephen Moskowitz without reservation of any kind to my friends and colleagues (or anyone else) who finds themselves in need of legal representation for tax purposes.

I have received no payment, benefit, or kickback for my review.